Buying A Restaurant Franchise

Buying a Franchise is a good way to get into the restaurant industry, especially if -
1. Your experience is limited.
2. You need more structure and support getting started.
3. You are looking for an established business name and mode of operation.

According to Entrepreneur the fastest selling franchise is Subway with 26,197 locations worldwide. The Top Ten List for 2007 are:

  1. Subway
  2. Dunkin' Donuts
  3. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
  4. 7-Eleven Inc.
  5. UPS Store, The/Mil Boxes Etc.
  6. Domino's Pizza LLC
  7. Jiffy Lube Int'l. Inc.
  8. Sonic Drive In Restaurants
  9. McDonald's
  10. Papa John's Int'l. Inc.

Franchises are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and may also
have state regulations.

Franchise Pros:

• The product or service has been developed and tested.
• A franchise name has instant name recognition.
• Assistance may be provided in starting the business.
• You may have support from other franchisees, consultants or trainers.
• You may get better prices for supplies and products.
• You may be provided with advertising materials.

Franchise Cons:

• You may have to pay a high franchise fee.
• You may have to pay weekly royalties on your gross sales.
• You may be required to pay franchise advertising fees.
• You may be required to update your business according to franchise standards and this could result in costly remodels.
• Your franchise can be terminated if you are in default of their standards.
• Your success may depend on the success of the franchiser. The franchiser may go out of business.
• Other franchisees in you area may operate poorly loosing you potential customers.

Want to buy an existing franchise? We recommend reading, "Buying An Existing Franchise," What you need to know when you plan to buy a "used" franchise instead of a new one. By Jeff Elgin

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