Training Your Service Staff for Success

If it is true that you are only as good as your staff, especially in the restaurant business, priority must be given to the professional training and development of your wait staff. Your servers can literally make you or break you. So the success of your restaurant may depend on your ability to ensure that attentive, courteous service given to your customers ranks right up there with skillfully, prepared dishes and delicious cuisine. Service is such an integral part of the dining experience that even excellent food preparation and presentation will not support a food and beverage venue without a well-trained and attentive wait staff to present it.

One of the best ways to motivate your servers to be a successful part of your sales team is to boost productivity by teaching them to work smarter, not harder. Training them how to soft sell menu items while providing exceptional service reinforces the idea that they truly are in the sales business.

So after you have motivated your team to up sell your signature specialties, appetizers, libations and wine, and its working, donít stop there Coach! Youíll need to continually boost their confidence so they will feel secure with their ability to succeed. Ongoing training will help you instill a sales mindset that will create a momentum to strive to achieve optimum sales and profitable results.

An eager, inexperienced new employee can recharge your existing staff with unyielding enthusiasm. Often times, when you pair a new server with an experienced one, both of them will benefit immensely. The new employee will be well trained, but the experienced server will be challenged to remember that the small details are just as important as the up sell and can lead to greater tips and loyal patronage.

Your wait staff is your sales team who greatly affect your bottom-line profits. Over 70% of customers return to a restaurant because of great service. It is crucial that your patrons experience exceptional service that lingers in their minds long after they leave your establishment. This experience will help you build customer loyalty, maximize sales, and create a buzz about your place.

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