Social Media Feeds Restaurant Marketing at Minimal Costs

Here’s an economical way to enhance your online exposure with building social channels that maximize your presence, generate patronage and increase revenues. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc. have emerged as a proven marketing medium that connects your business with potential and regular customers. In the forefront in today’s rapidly changing media landscape, it is easily accessible and a relatively inexpensive platform you can use to integrate your marketing effort to effectively communicate with your target market. New age marketing trends like blogging and social media help you to establish a more personal relationship with patrons and create an “extended family” of customers and fans.

The type of information distributed via social media channels is critical to successful internet marketing. Press releases have become one of the most effective means of social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many of the reputable news websites like allow you to post your press release free of charge. From a cost-effective marketing perspective, this is HUGE! Just make sure that you use a standard press release format and optimize the release for search engines. Paid releases typically incur minimal cost and you get to reap the rewards of even more exposure on social sites.

It’s key to assess your social marketing efforts to measure your success and correct any issues that will improve your ROI (Return On Investment). Programs like HootSuite and PostRank offer you the ability to track and analyze your website statistics and analytics consistently to perfect defining your target market.

Social media and interactive consumers have taken the lead in transforming the multi-screen media palette. Texting, tweeting and posting comments on social sites have become a global force to reckon with in our vast digital media world. With over 500,000,000 users on Facebook and around 200,000,000 Twitter accounts; it is apparent that social media has staying power with a relentless fervor. This social networking blitz equips you to motivate and empower your followers to share your food specials and events via social media, blogs and RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds that can take your media distribution initiative to the next level.

The social media scene continues to draw a growing audience of consumers who could be some of your next fans touting your awesome dining specials or crowd pleasers they just can’t seem to get enough of. Think about it. You might turn into “the next restaurant superstar” with your own groupies, foodies, or you might just call them regular customers. If you have a doubt, check out Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network. It’s really possible, you know.