Make it TO GO! Establishing a Restaurant Takeout Service

Maximize your profits by offering great takeout food and extend your services to yourcustomers. Establishing a takeout service can boost your revenues and product brand.

To begin with, place attention on creating a simplified version of your restaurant menu for efficiency. Itís best to keep your menu items to one page if possible so that you and easily produce popular items and make it easy for your customers to choose items. An effective way to create customer awareness that you offer takeout is to post and promote your to go menu on your website.

Focusing on your local area will keep your effort more efficient and target your market niche. Local consumers can conveniently stop by your restaurant and purchase takeout on their way home or while running daily errands. Offering a discount for potential local consumers can generate substantial interests in your community and stand up to your area competition.

Promoting and faxing your takeout menu including daily specials to area businesses can increase local support and revenues. Instruct trained members of your staff to visit these offices with complimentary samples of your popular dishes and copies of your takeout menu. This way you can entice prospects to place orders for lunch. Incentives such as discounts for large orders and free delivery can motivate locals to order more frequently.

In todayís harsh economy, potential customers are avidly seeking cost-effective solutions for dining options. This presents a lucrative opportunity for you to create incentives for local prospects to opt-in to receive special dining e-mail promotions and discounts from your establishment. An effective direct mail campaign promoting special incentives on flyers, postcards or special coupons can introduce you to the local community and encourage prospects to opt-in to receive your discounts and promotions.

Plan ahead and coordinate your takeout service with your regular in-house operations so your staff is not bombarded with an onslaught of calls and to go orders. You donít want your takeout service to interfere or compete with normal business operations. Schedule staff to handle your takeout orders and prepare the menu items for delivery.

Planning ahead and implementing a takeout service can make all the difference. You can promote your brand in the community and turn potential customers into regular dine-in customers or takeout consumers.